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Think not that I have come to bring peace in the earth; I have not come to bring peace, but a sword.

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Peace be with you,

The Light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend it.

Are you tired of fighting this corrupt system? Why is it corrupt? Why is it that the "government" seems to be against us? The answer is simple, money. Mammon, if you will. How can it stop? It can stop by you, me, and all thoese people each of us know, understand what our path to a better future can be if we understand two things, our constitutions, and their laws. We should know and understand our state and our federal constitutions. It does not matter how the "courts" interprete the constitutions.  The constitutions were written in a way that any average man could read it and understand it. It does not matter if time has passed and things like technology has a part of our ways.  property rights are rights. Those constitutions are contracts, and the "government" cannot breach them. But they do. It is witnessed by all of us. We the People, have witnessed it. So how can we stop it?

So what does it take to chop down a tree? An axe? Where do you start chopping at the tree ? At the top? Of course not, you start at the bottom. What is the bottom I am speaking of? I'm am speaking of? Local government. Why local government? Because this is the root of the tree. What tree? the STATE tree. Or, did you know we have two governments? I'm not speaking of state government, and federal government, because the federal government is a duality also. Do you need proof? Easy, go look, the exculpatory evidence is there righ in the CODES. But, to know this, you need to recognize the government in the constitution and its powers. Then look at your state legislatures website for the states CODES, like the business and commerce code, etc.

Look for the GOVERNMENT CODE. This is the CODE that creates another BODY of GOVERNMENT. In it you will find, the LEGISLATIVE BRANCH, JUDICIAL BRANCH, and EXECUTIVE BRANCH, or something similar. These are the tree branches of the corporate GOVERNMENT we know today as our GOVERNMENT. But, it's not. We were only led to believe it was, or is our government. Satan is subtle, he is deceptive. Many souls have fallen victim to this LEGAL FICTION. In truth, we worship it, we fear it, we harm others for it. We are lost. We have lost our way. But, we can find salvation by correcting our way. We can do it by correcting our GOVERNMENT. When this happens, rates in crime, the homeless,  the poor, and so many other scenariors would become better for all. But you can't do it if you choose not to be a solution to our problem. It takes all of us. There is no heirarchy, we are all together.

I'm out of time for now, but if you are interested in knowing more about this I am speaking of, either write me, or email me. I have explanations about this already published in the clouds, but I will send, and answer you questions. This has nothing to do with the "sovereign" movement. This is all about reforming our current government back to what it is supposed to be. 

King, Prince, or Potentate, or any person...

I come not to condemn. I come to help you understand you were misled.

The LORD is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? the LORD is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid? You?

I am nothing but a son of man, the son of a carpenter. I carry no titles. I need none. My understanding was not taught by man. I have but One True God. From Him, I received a gift. A gift no man can give. Only my father can provide it to me. I worship His temple. I praise His power. I praise His glory. I praise his love for you. I am hear to bring sight to the blind who cannot see, to bring hearing to the deaf in understanding, to free you from the bondage of ignorance. I too, came to warn those whom worship a false god. A god that cannot help you. Know the Lord, the living God. Selah.

The world is not what you think it is.

"In strength shall My House be established"

 Money became your god.

Today I ask you, "why do you kill"? Whom gave you authority? The Lord? Since the Lord is far from your hearts, I ask you "when did man become weak"? I do not condone violence, yet I ask that if you are the man you believe you are, why do you cower behind a gun? Or why do you use a knife? Can you not use your fists? What do you gain by harming another? What have you proven? Do you think the Lord approves? Do you do your iniquities in the name of the Lord? Do you understand what abomination is?

I ask you, what god do you worship? My God does not approve of what you do. The man Jesus, himself, would not approve of what you do. Why do you do it in his name?


Where is the love people? Why do you war against each other? You are intoxicated from this world if you do not understand what I say. You are special to me. You are my family whether you know my God, or not. Open your eyes to the God of Jacob, know the living God. Know the lord Jehovah.

Are you certain that you are not evil? Are you certain you are saved? Are you certain you know the true God? Are you certain you know where heaven is? You do know the "whole" world was deceived, right? that means everyone, you included.

The only miracle you will see will be like that spoken of in Jonah. Proclaim your fast to the Lord, put on sack cloth, and cover yourself in ashes.  Repent! Remove yourself from the synagogue of Satan before it is too late. Time is near. Time waits for no man.