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can it get any clearer to you people?

"the thing most borrowers fail to realize about conduit loans is that once a loan has been securitized, they are not working with a "lender" anymore. the loans are pooled into a securitization called a real estate mortgage investment conduit (remic). the remic is a trust and it has no lenders, only fiduciaries of the "certificate holders." once the loans have been pooled and securitized, the players are as follows:" see well fargo,  conduit loan servicing: who’s who and what’s what? backup here

fastest way to make money on amazon  two articles that reflect how the mortgage banking industry converted the paper mortgage loan into an electronic mortgage loan using esign to preempt all applicable laws they were required to abide by according to covenant 16 all applicable laws.

intangible belief

they admitted it

do the math? whom got the screws? wells fargo? the u.s. government?

 my family has litigated with wells fargo bank, n.a. from 2007. until 2014 when the judge finally awarded the criminal actors our real property. the alnd was worth $ 42,000. the mobile home price was like some gas stations during a hurricane, it was gouged to the cost of $100,000 so fha would participate. it was determined by an fha approved inspector that the mobile home was not only defective, but also inhabitable. so, with that stated, homw much monet did wells fargo waste to illegally reposses a defective mobile home? how much do lawyers charge per hour? do the math. that is how far a bank like wells fargo will go to keep a crime concealed. and all along the government contact called it an "isolated incident". yet i have already provided evidence of documant tampering after our loan was closed.

what is worse? some sucker purchased the same defective mobile home and paid the original price of over $100,000. let me ask you this? how does a mobile home retain its $100,000 value for over 7 years? somebody needs to investigate? sam p. bath [circle b mobile homes] should be locked up for defrauding the federal government. our dtpa case is an example of a lawyer selling out his client. it is in public records, located in travis county, texas, campbell v. cavco industries. maybe sometime i can tell you how our lawyer's daughter talked about us because we embarrassed her daddy [james c. mosser]? the answer is in the court documents.

not legal advice, nor is it legal opinion. it was our experience of being a victim to a constitutional crime crime committed in favor of mystery "persons" with greater "rights" than i.

from my personal knowledge of this debacle, i provide to you many explanations already explained by james mcguire, who de-engineered this fiasco a long time ago. many have utilized his knowledge for their gains, with or without gratitude. james is a just man. i just explain it in a different way to help the ignorant recognize this crime, and the blind, to better understand. take offense and you missed the mark. although each explanation is different in audience, the central principal of the explanations are the same, "if the law was followed, there would be not debacle". there would be nothing to write about. but, there is.

notes 101 - how private registry members use texas law to bypass other u.s. and texas law.

i will provide to you from my personal experience of this debacle, and provide various reasons for taking my approach to both the real property mortgage; and the mers intangible mortgage. discovery from two different worlds. and to the best of memory, i don't think i have heard anyone requesting an authoritative copy from mers, the alleged "beneficiary"? discover! did the mers member ever provide that mers was an intangible party that should have been? disclosure is a part of discovery. even i was not involved in a federal court, i do understand that most of the men in robes, turn a blind eye to disclosure. why? a few bad figs makes the whole tree look unhealthy. though i have not attempted rescission, from our explanations, the victim of the mers scam can find justice because the mers members rely on the deed of trust. the deed of trust contains the governing laws. the governing laws seemingly do not reflect the tangible as being considered an intangible. that would mean, that after the "origination", and when the alleged mortgage loan went into the mers system, the "originating" lender would be the "lender" to notice of rescission, not to any other 3rd party that you think is the "lender". those are creditors, who should be looking for the account debtor, not the homeowner. this applies whether residential or commercial. nobody is immune. 

through my personal experience in state courts, you will see how the summary judgment tactic has taken on a new way of winning in court. in texas, these men of iniquity used the ignorance of its politicians to divert what was being accomplished by referencing some group called "republic of texas" in order for these ignorant individuals to not see what the real criminal were doing. what a tactic? and the ignorant fell for it. it was, and is, still being utilized to defraud the court for a victory which was, and is not legal according to the laws that govern. and when such tactic is understood, you too, would know the tactic violates the constitution(s), by oppressing its victims, depriving them of justice. constitutional violations are actually more way than one. treason is a factor to those committing, or helping to commit this criminal act.

if you can wrap your mind around this understanding, you will understand the tangible debt was forgiven after the closing, and you are paying the account debtors intangible debt you think you owe. as i stated, prove us wrong, you might find what is right. it is not about me, i am just a son of man.

read, learn and understand. your future, and the future of your children to come, are at stake and relying upon this electronic god in man's world. without it you cannot buy or sell. what will you do when this electronic god loses its power? how will you obtain your prescriptions if the electronic god who knows all your diseases, loses its power? are you prepared? the law of cause and effect never sways. nothing is hidden that will not be revealed. there are no secrets hidden from the lord.

the articles provided on this page are alvie's way of explaining what he has come to learn about e-sign, real property mortgages and personal property mortgages imitating mortgage backed securities.  this very small area concerning the uniform commercial code and texas laws and how e-sign does not fit; and provide you an educational experience you probably can't get anywhere except in college. learn how to fish. learn where to fish. read, learn, and understand what is provided on this site. it will help you defend your home, business, property, investment, tax dollars, and your country.

oh, and one more thing i would like to ask; if you ever ordered jurisdictionary from the link provided on the website, would you please let me know? i can't seem to get a response to whether the link works or not. i am not making accusations about jurisdictionary, i am only double checking the bookkeeping. take no offense. keeping honest men honest, that is all. peace be with you.

do you know anything about 51.903? it was originally created for "republic of texas" persons back in the 90's. it was to remove frivolous liens, somewhat like a mers lien being filed today. here is one filed with a texas court against a mers assignment. according to that certain statute, the courts response was to be recorded into public records where the property is located, but you will not find it. the judge scribbled on a piece of notebook paper, which was his response to avoid the statute. in fact, here is the prescribed order as presented within the statute of the texas government code, chapter 51. it really does reflect just how ignorant judges are. if they are not ignorant, then they too are a part of this crime. and here are my notes i used when explaining to the judge in the hearing. and here is a 51.903 order by a judge in travis county, texas.

from the demonstration of certain judges in williamson county, texas, they are as ignorant as they come. one judge i was before, early in my litigation, was removed from the bench for his actions that sent an innocent man to prison. that was after my appearance. as these characters claim; "walks like a duck, talks like a duck, must be a duck". i rest my case! corruption is before the people.

fastest way to make money on amazon

at some point, the world will realize that the innocent, potential "borrower's" hope for a chance to "own their own home" became a nightmare, all across america. like the plague, homes were being confiscated by actors in the crime. the contract was written in such a way, that not only was the contract "one-sided", but  it also provided for the conversion of "parties" to the contract. in essence, it was a "dead pledge" from the conception of the "uniform security instrument" the innocent "borrower" is assumed to have agreed to use.  i ask, what other choice was there? did any lawyers, whose clients were purchasing the real property really understand that contract? if they had, i suppose they would have warned the potential "borrower" that the contract was an agreement to allow the "lender" to commit a crime.  over 17 years later, the crime has continued. the contract recorded in public records of the county clerk reflect the "dead pledge". the deed of trust was recorded in order for the crime to be invisible to most. the actors educated the "right people" in this deception, which would allow the crime to continue unnoticed. lawyers worked to modify the law to accomplish this crime. investor's had no clue to what they were purchasing.

fastest way to make money on amazon

background and purpose
chapter 51, property code governs the foreclosure process. over the years, practices have been developed to manage the foreclosure process, many of which, though not inconsistent with chapter 51, are not expressly authorized by it. for example, it is common practice for lenders to rely upon mortgage servicers to accept loan payments on behalf of the lender, but current law does not address the role of mortgage servicers in the foreclosure process. current practice is for the mortgage servicer to administer this process on behalf of the lender. a recent appeals court ruling has cast doubt as to whether a mortgage servicer mayadminister the foreclosure process because the law does not specifically authorize it. further uncertainty exists in the foreclosure process because key terms, such as “debtor’s last known address,” are not defined in law and other commonpractices, suchas appointing substitute trustees, are not included in law.

c.s.h.b. 1493 permits a mortgage servicer to administer the foreclosure process on behalf of the mortgagee and clarifies several terms used in the statutes governing the foreclosure process.

so, a "role" needed to be clarified because "a recent appeals court ruling has cast doubt as to whether a mortgage servicer may administer the foreclosure process because the law does not specifically authorize it."? why? does texas not recognize law of agency?

what is agency law?  is it not the relationship between a principal (the client) and an agent. it is a relationship that develops as a result of one person representing and acting for another person. either the "right people" were in the middle of a brain fart, or they were blinded by flattery, how did anyone in 2003 not realize texas agency law  has been around for a while? why would tex. prop. code, chapter 51 need to be amended?  to keep the crime invisible.

notice in the previous "background and purpose" smoothly leads the mind to the illusion it creates?  "current practice is for the mortgage servicer to administer this process on behalf of the lender"? next, look at the following;

the bill would add section 51.0021 to the property code.
it would state that a mortgage servicer may conduct a sale of real property on behalf of a mortgagee if both parties have entered into an agreement granting the mortgage servicer authority to service the mortgage and if the mortgage servicer discloses in the notices that the servicer is representing the mortgagee under a servicing agreement with the mortgagee.

did you recognize the change in agency law? did you recognize the change from "lender", to "mortgagee"? of course, "grantor" or "grantee" seemingly slide away to the back of the mind? sure, slide in the definition of "mortgagee" in to the code in order for the crime to work in a confusing fashion? take into account the following portions;

§ 51.0001(4) "mortgagee" means:

(a) the grantee, beneficiary, owner, or holder of a security instrument;
(b) a book entry system; or
(c) if the security interest has been assigned of record, the last person to whom the security interest has been assigned of record.

to throw "title theory" into the mix, most of the amendments transferred rights to multiple mystery parties in a single sub-section. actually, the creation of rights greater than the classes. "grantee" is recognized within the deed of trust, "beneficiary" is a assumed word, "owner" is an assumed word, and "holder of the security instrument" is an assumed transaction, or assumed private right. next, private rights are created for "a book entry system" utilized by private members; and subsection "c" creates the right to ressurect a dead contract.

then in november 2007, the same group that assisted the "change" to the texas property code, they admit that they just make documents up. then they worked to change the rules of procedure in texas? see how easy it is to commit a crime when you are a lawyer on the dark side of life?

i really do feel for those whom have invested in the secondary intangible market for thier misfortunes.

ask yourself this; can i be the holder of someone elses driver's license? can i use it to show i have standing to drive a car legally with your license?

fastest way to make money on amazon

i pray to the lord you understand the crime.....

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