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mers members scanned the originals, stored/deleted originals, and registered personal property in the mers piggy bank.

here is a paper from the ohio association of realtors. it is dated back in 2000. why show you this article? because if you can understand, you can see how the ohio group of realtors, just like the other states realtor groups were apparently told that article 3, of the ucc would be changed to allow the electronic promissory note to be governed by article 3. guess what? article 3 never changed to allow for electronic promissory notes, and the world seems to be ignorant of the fact that electronic promissory notes have no u.s. law to support them. fubar! oh, and how does documents of title come in to play with real property?  here is another article from kirkpatrick & lockhart back in 2000, allegedly international lawyers. i imagine they have a lot of explaining to do for their foreign investors? people are not as smart as they think they are?

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