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The links provided are "as-is", because websites change links over time. Sometimes the provided links are moved simply because it is information that helps you better understand. The criminals cannot afford for you to understand. Everything can be located on the internet, it just takes a bit of determination; effort, and time, to search for it. Some don't make it easy for you.

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Since this link page has appeared previously for some time with "Laws that govern", it became apparent the reader needs to better understand the capacity of "MERS" as an "electronic agent" as MERSCORP Holdings, Inc. has so stated. Why do you need to understand what an electronic agents function is? If you did, I would not be posting links to help you understand; and this would be headlines across the globe. In fact, I would think Germany, or other countries would catch on to this "electronic agent" thing pretty quick? They have written many articles in the world of electronic agents and contracts.

Whether you know this or half-way know this, the "national enote registry" was a fiction creation the MBA later called MERS, or Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. How this was overlooked is amazing to me, but, such is life, huh? How did anyone not recognize MERS for what it is? Even the courts? Politicians? Legislators? Only One knows the hearts of man.

If you stop listening to many whom seem to be misleading even themselves, and use the power in which was given unto you, the Lord will provide you with the wisdom and knowledge of understanding. Man makes thing complicated, the Lord does not. Trust him.

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7th Amendment, Civil Trials [U.S. GPO]

Constitutional Rights in Proceedings other than Criminal Trials [Jonathan Grossman]

The Indigent's "Right" to Counsel in Civil Cases [ Fordham Law review]



Articles on "Electronic agents"

1. Electronic Agents and the formation of contracts [SSRN]

2. The Use of Electronic Agents Questioned Under Contractual Law:

3. A legal analysis of human and electronic agents

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1. Challenging Adhesion Contracts [Golden Gate University Law Review]

2. Beyond Unconscionability [Edith R. Warkentine, Professor of Law, Western State University College of Law, Fullerton, California]

3. Contracts of Adhesion Under the Louisiana Civil Code [Louisiana Law Review]


5. Uniform Computer Information Transactions Act (UCITA) and Electronic Commerce

6. Electronic transactions [Consumers union] 

7. Interpreting law of contracts  [Richard Orsinger]

8. Judicial Notice on Appeal

9. Brief Writing

10. Preservation of Error

11. A treatise on the law of deeds

12. Legal Information

13. 170 Years of Contract Law

14. Texas Law of Acknowledgements

15. The Original understanding of the takings clause

16. The Origins and Original Significance of the Just Compensation

17. Pike - American Electrical Power Company

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Electronic document processing system and method of forming digital signature

System and method for certifying content of hard-copy documents

Digital signature algorithm

Paperless process for mortgage closings and other applications

Real estate computer network

Interactive computer system to match buyers and sellers of real estate, businesses and other property using the internet

Automated securities trading system

Financial data processing system and method

Real estate search and location system and method

  Note: Does it make you wonder how documents could be "true & correct" copy?

COURT TRANSCRIPT [Court of the spineless judge]

Alvie Campbell v. Wells Fargo Bank,  368th District Court, Williamson County, Texas

* The transcript coincides with the 51.903 filed in a separate court.

The spineless Judge void order

I, myself, witnessed a Master Mason before me, violate his Masonic Oath. So Mote it be.

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Com o fim do vínculo dele com o clube carioca se encerrou no fim de 2018, assinou contrato definitivo para a temporada de 2019. [27][28] Somente sendo oficializada$5 minimum deposit online casino27 de maio, por um contrato até o final de abril de 2022.