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If anyone sins because they do not speak up when they hear a public charge to testify regarding something they have seen or learned about, they will be held responsible.

This page is dedicated to letting the news media and is "employees", know how they seem to have forgotten how to make breaking news. Is it because of their fear? Is it because they are afraid of losing a "sponsor" if they were to break the news? Afraid of man, instead of the Lord?

NEW - Yale Law Review; Read it because maybe you listen to law professors?

NEW - Public Domain; New Mexico  - It is all about the contract

Could this be any clearer? Two debts?

Here is an example of the problems created by the private registry


Loss Mitigation

I once dealt with a loss mitigation company called Evergreen Mitigation, in Ohio. Money was wired to them, and that was it. $1,300.00 down the drain. You see, I too was a victim of this company criminal activity whom claimed they were helping the homeowner save their home.  I even tried to file complaints in both Ohio and in Texas, yet the criminals got away with $1,300.00 that was wired across state lines. Wire fraud to say the least. Yes, I still have all the paperwork from them if law enforcement is interested. At least Oregon did something about Evergreen. Read the Cease and Desist order from 2013 <here>. So, how many other victims across the country are there from Evergreen Mitigation?

What's worse, we even hired a lawyer. After eight years of nothing, the lawyer gave up. I believe he was paid off. His name is Mosser. His place is in Dallas. His daughter is worse than he is. She didn't like me defeating her daddy in court when he tried to remove himself from our cause. She sold us out in mediation. Told us we were on our own. Daddy didn't even show up. He was mad at me. All of that can be read yourself, it is in public records in Travis County, Texas. And to think the guy was trying to be a judge in the Dallas Area. Great! That is all we need, more men of iniquity in the system of injustice.

What is even worse than that? The real property which Wells Fargo defrauded Ginnie Mae <a.k.a. U.S. Tax-payer>, and stole from the Campbell's was previously considered "non-habitable" during our litigation with the $100,000.00 defect mobile home's dealer, Sam P. Bath, Circle B Mobile Homes, along with Cavco Industries, and other parties. I have the paperwork. In fact, it is in Travis County Court records. One would think this "non-habitable" issue would be disclosed to the next "purchaser", right? This would also cause a depreciation of the value of the property due to the home being "non-habitable", right? You would think the value of the home would drop? The land was only around $42,000.00 when we purchased it in 2004. Recently I found that the next purchasers of that same property was financed for $140,000.00. And these people probably do not even know that they purchased a "non-habitable" home. The $100,000.00 for the mobile home was found during a FOIA request from HUD. The "invoice" was clearly visible to reflect "white-out" was used after the Campbell's signed the original invoice, and prior to being submitted to HUD. That too is in court records in Travis County, Texas. If not, I have them available for viewing. Maybe this will help you find the records? You might see the butcher job by the representative in the other records?

That defective mobile home, and the 6.5 acres of land (flood zone) it resides upon has held its value of $142,000.00 (2004-2015) longer than any other home in the area. 11 years and no decrease? Anything wrong with this picture? Call a mobile home dealer and ask them what the value of a 2004 Cavco Industries doublewide would be today, or even last year? $1,000.00 maybe? This really should be investigated?

And to think this guy named Sam Bath got away wih defrauding the federal government by altering signed paperwork? Through this man's greed, he single handedly increased the amount of taxes for surrounding homeowners in the area, multi-fold, simply by inflating the price of a defective mobile home.

This is a shame. Land is taken no matter how sacred it is? It was all for the love of money, and not people? Man's law seems to be above the Great Spirit?

"a mortgage is separately enforceable from a promissory note", that means two debts, and neither are secured by the other. IF the debt is secured, sure either instrument could be used as "enforceable", but that is not the case anymore since MERS came along.

In its initial Merits Brief, DBNTC pointed out that a mortgage is separately enforceable from a promissory note, especially, when the note has been discharged in bankruptcy and is no longer enforceable. In addition, DBNTC pointed to the wealth of case law and secondary authority supporting the contention that standing can be demonstrated through a right to enforce either the note or mortgage.

DBNTC is arguing, as it did before the Ninth District, that its status as the Mortgagee is sufficient to allow it to enforce the Mortgage (and recover the amounts due under the Note)

Crazy isn't it? The Note was discharged; and DBNTC want to collect the discharged debt using the mortgage, once considered attached to the Note to cause a "secured debt"?

 "Although a debtor is not personally liable for discharged debts, a valid lien that has not been avoided (made unenforceable) in the bankruptcy case will remain. Therefore, a secured creditor may enforce the lien to recover the property secured by the lien" -Nolo

How is a lien separated from the debt, a secured debt? Who is the secured creditor? Hint: "Intangibles"

MERS is a beast. Can you not understand that the image of the note is used to sell the ponzi scheme to investors; and the deed of trust/mortgage became the debt instrument used against the homeowner because it is easy to track in the MERS eRegistry? The copy of the original deed of trust/mortgage never needs an endorsement, but the note does, so which would the MERS members prefer to use? The Note, or the deed of trust/mortgage? It is easy for a MERS member to hit the print key for an "assignment of Note and Deed of Trust/Mortgage".  And the various courts seem to always assert the homeowner is fighting with a "show me the note" theory. Why is that? When will you people wake up? You are involved in one large financial economic disaster heading toward implosion and you don't even know it?

Shame on you. You really should be asking yourself if ignoring the very people who come to you to tell their story of being railroaded by banks claiming "default", or "foreclosure", and then you look the other way, or you tell them "it seems to be an isolated incident", and I'm sorry this is happening to you. You placed your own ego before helping the widow, the poor, the distraught. Your time will come also. You do not appear to care that you, yourself; and everyone you see with your eyes; are involved in this debacle. You are not immune.

You are lazy. You do not seem to understand what is about to happen to you and everyone you know. Understand before it is too late.

I will not enjoy seeing the day when your world comes to a crumbling end. You will have to answer for your works. Your friends will not be there to support you for your part in covering up this crime and the fact that it could have been avoided.

Do your part. Your retirement, your 401k is at stake. Your future is at stake, not to mention your childrens. If you choose to continue to hide the matter, you have not hidden it from the One who will judge.

Way to go Texas jury; $5.4 mil is a speck of sand in the intangible MERS scheme. Will Wells Fargo appeal? Most likely in the 14th Court of Appeals? Keep an eye out? If, so, calling all "amici"?

How about this Tennessee Supreme Court opinion?

The High Court state; "In Tennessee, securitizing a note does not sever the note from the deed of trust. Under Tennessee law, the deed of trust follows the note. Whoever holds the note owns the deed. Thompson, 773 F.3d at 749." Of course, this is not what Stephen C Porter, of Barrett Daffin Frappier Turner & Engel, or Robert Brochin of Morgan Lewis would state. They claim the opposite.

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News people, If you are in Texas, you should investigate the current activity of a woman in Caldwell county, Texas. Her name is Linda S. I've seen some of her papers and according to Texas law, a crime was committed against here. She had a VA loan, which was supposed to be recorded in public records, according to section 51.008, Texas property code. There have been many different "actors" who have tried to make claim to her real property. Many were unsuccessful. Now it has finally happened to this poor soul because of deception.

You must understand that homes in Texas are being stolen from their rightful owners. She is about to be tossed off her real property and she lives day by day. And woe to anyone who attempts to take advantage of her.

It is truly dangerous to allow a justice of the peace, a JP, who is without knowledge of the law, and not required by law to be an attorney, to have such power to determine who owns possession of some certain thing, without understanding the very laws that govern those things, and what the penalties are for someone walking into a courtroom falsely claiming to be the rightful owner of some thing they could not prove by law they owned the thing, yet these lying lawyers are doing it. Do not be deceived, crimes are taking place before your eyes. Borrowers are being mistaken for account debtors and losing their homes to thieves.

You must also understand how through this confusion, everyone in Texas are continually paying taxes that are being increased because of the laws being bypassed to evade the paying of fees by these MERS members. Wake up child.

It is time for you to do your part as a human being, helping another rather than placing ratings above your fellow man, or woman. It is time to help one another, not like before. This time it is different and you will know.

Here is some info on a Man in Austin Texas is dealing with Bank of America. Bank of America provided a vital piece of evidence to the CFPB, which was an admission that BOA withheld evidence to win a court case against a homeowner. He is an oil field worker who is fighting for his real property. Over the years he has fought with Bank of America, all the way up to the U.S. Supreme Court. Through that journey, apparently one of the banks agents provided an unrecorded assignment to a government agency. Was the banks admission by the grace of the Almighty? Bank of America made the claim to the government agencies property, seemingly defrauding the U.S. government, and committing fraud upon the federal court by withholding that evidence to win its case. If you understand what happened to Mr. Rodriguez, you will find that this is typical to all homeowners who have lost homes across the country, especially here in Texas.

Joey O. Rodriguez v. Bank of America, N.A. [ These documents are in public domain]

1 Motion for Relief from Judgment

2 Letter to Court Clerk

3 Letter to Chief Judge

4 Affidavit of Exhibits

5. New - Plaintiff's motion to strike Defendant's response to TRO

6. New Plaintiff's motion in opposition to defendant

In all fairness

BoA Response -[In essence, the bank distracting the fact it defrauded the federal government]

Joey O. Rodriguez response and motion to BoA assertions;

Merry Christmas to those involved in the day;

Rodriguez Response and Declaration

Real News

Whether you understand what Bank of America, its agent, or representatives accomplished, or not, if you understand the laws that govern the real property in Texas, you will find that this is a very unusual case before the court. Why? The MERS thing. According to evidence provided by BoA, there was an unrecorded "assignment" to Ginnie Mae in 1999. The "assignment" provided by BoA reflects an "actual notice" because the assignment was never recorded in public records. However, according to the Texas Property Code, Chapter 51, section 008, for the "assignment" to be valid, and because GNMA is a governmental agency, the "assignment" must be recorded in the county where the real property is located.  After the recordation of GNMA's "assignment", public records would reflect "public notice", instead of "actual notice". But that did not happen. This was a fatal flaw to the chain of title.

For any instrument affecting the recorded deed of trust, like any alleged "assignment" currently being recorded in public records to be valid, it must be recorded according to Texas Local Government code Chapter 192, section 007. The GNMA "assignment" was hidden away. This reflects a broken link in the chain of title. The deed of trust is a nullity. This also reflects that someone committed acts of fraud not only upon the court, but also the United States government. Seemingly treasonous acts.

So, if you truly understand, you will see that IF the federal court sides with BoA, the justice system in the United States is no longer provided for by that certain U.S. Constitution. This would mean the court threw away that certain U.S. Constitution. And without the U.S. Constitution, this United States of America,  will no longer have a valid government. Every person in a government position will no longer have such position. Agency doors must be shut. Prison doors must be opened. Treaties with America are no longer valid. Many people will be in turmoil.

If the court favors the homeowner, and adheres to the laws of the united states, there should be many individuals partaking in penal recreation for their attempted acts of treason upon this Country.

Will it be hidden?

Out of New Mexico

It appears that the agents for the banks utilized multiple "notes", with multiple "business affidavits" that just didn't mesh with the court to prove the bank had standing.  Now the banks lawyers want to appeal? Can anyone seemingly see that the attorneys are milking the bank?




How can a bank prove standing without providing proof of lawful evidence to show standing?

26 USC 6323 has an interesting section in it about MERS. Then look at Texas Property Code, chapter §51.008. Fraud  is evident if you understand what you are looking for.

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