2 Cent Worth

2 Cents Worth

These are only opinions, and intended for enlightenment.

These are the rules and you have to abide by the rules.” - Bulverde Police Chief Gary Haecker

In a recent incident in Texas, the statement was made above. No argument about what happened. Texas does have "rules", called laws, regarding elections, and you can't do what the man did allegedly the way he did it. You can't advertise like he did. Arrest seems a bit overboard, but the lawman has to do what he took an oath to do, uphold the law.

The point of my opinion is, when you break the rules you are conducting criminal activity. Hence arrest is immenent. With that said, was this not what Hillary Clinton did? Did she not break the "rules"? There is a rule about using non-governmental approved computers or devices? If you do not adhere, you are in violation of the rule.

So, why does this man get arrested for his ignorance of the law, when another who is not ignorant of the law, and whom was reminded of the law, yet still violated the law, and yet charmed people to vote for her? Would that make one guilty by association? It matters not whether I am a Trump supporter, or not. I am only looking at the incident and wondering why some are held to the "rules", while others live above them?

It is time for a big change. Look back and ask yourself if anything has changed? Those who voted in the past should realize, the promises made to get into office were only that, promises. Were those promises fulfilled? Some were, some were not, yet still I ask you, has the world gotten any better? Look around. Do you see peace? Do you see love for the neighbor? What do you see? Heaven, or hell?


Peace be with you,