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26 USC 6323                [Red flag]

(5) National filing systems

The filing of a notice of lien shall be governed solely by this title and shall not be subject to any other Federal law establishing a place or places for the filing of liens or encumbrances under a national filing system.

Cream Note ←←← A simple analogy, read it  
 (they were taught this stuff in law school, why did they ignore it?)
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 Morgan Lewis  JPMC Bankruptcy Artificial Intentions
Fannie Mae Mortgage Selling and Servicing Contract
 compliments GMAC and public records. New Jersey Superior Court
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  MERS - the  Fast track  
↓ ↓ ↓ ↓        Learn about MERS, MERS Members, and eNote real fast        ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓
  MERS to the 33rd  
MERS, webmaster Are they Lying? Are they Qualified to Opine?
The Corporate Veil dropped Is it true?  
WTHJH  -  Constitutional violations Cannibalized Cartoon Canned Cartoon too
MERS to the 33rd eNotes are legal - yep, It is criminal eNotes are Legal part 2  - Yep, it is criminal too
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The lawyer who never represented
Days later
Petition for Bill of Review Memorandum in Support of Petition for Bill of Review  
Oath Takers - AGP Title to real property I Am One
Treason v. Dereliction of duty    
Conditions precedent Texas Master Disaster  
Legal Duty - Statutes Yea! - The debt is paid down PNABPC -(Securities for sale?)
Passing the Buck? Kicking the Can? I've warned my Congressman, it is not just about Texas. Will he do anything? Not holding my breath.  
This is how you do it Legal Duty  
MERS - Pre-E-SIGN Constitutional Soup  
Which Obligation? Reporting Fraudulent Activity - Texas They Claim, You Argue
REVISED-MERS Magick Trick eNote v. pNote Iintent of Indorser
Read this carefully  Fraud to the U.S. Government - and nobody cares.  
Open eyes and hear Free Home- Equity-style You say they don't use transferable records in public records? Then why record a Power Of Attorney for it?
Contracting around Presentment I Am Comprehension
New- Fannie Mae charts New- Freddie Mac charts New - Ginnie Mae  charts
Subsets of Why piap MDM
SOF Which QWR? Whom did it
Mr. Person Pig in a Poke Impious
Avoiding Romney at all costs Intangible Wealth Am I That I Am
Long and Short Long and Short Chart Jail or Hell
Conjuntive and Case law bah humbug Why is man stupid?
Tracking evil Less than full value 9
Angels fear where man treads Bearer Paper UCC Article 3 Mitt Romney SEC Form 3
Can an Allonge be a Forgery? Postulate versus Axiom MERS member eNotes
Bankruptcy Injunction Violation Does a Tangible Lien Survive Bankruptcy?  Today is the day 
Alvie Explains It AF-B Personal Property Piggy Bank  What Mortgage?
Concinnous Conscious RMBS with MERS - John Doe Intangible is not Tangible
e um dos caçadores de gatos da cidade de Atã no Egito. Eles também foram capazes de caçar$5 minimum deposit online casinopequenas distâncias. Fannie Mae requirements (with MERS)  Whacky World of Money 
What is the FED buying?

Fannie Mae requirements (without MERS)

The "Interest" Compilation ← A compilation about Bifurcation  Meet "John Doe"
Parallel Universe  ← This is a MUST READ article  Ignorance abyss
The Intangible Obligation $5 minimum deposit online casino You cannot Bifurcate
Os atores brilhantes tiveram a oportunidade de mostrar$5 minimum deposit online casinoversatilidade no filme, que poderia facilmente fazer com sucesso". Um crítico chegou a declarar: "A maior parte dos que estavam esperando por uma "remake" do longa é ridícula. Ignorance or the elevator version House of Lies
Warning to the Criminals Pyramid Scheme Have A Note
MERS to the nth (revised) An Elephant in the Room nobody noticed  OR Interest in
$5 minimum deposit online casino     $5 minimum deposit online casino Civil Rights Compilation Fannie Form 3036
Your Home is not a warehouse Front Middle Back UCC3 Note Who prints the Money?
Beyond Wah MERS Circle (Revised) UCC Thingy - Two Notes?
Binder Uniform Commercial Code Article 9 Note Mad LIBOR DisEase
Venus Lost Ponzi Loss payable God's Particle
Corporate and Government Bonds Is a Note a Note Just Cause
The Foolish Penitent Standing jurisdiction tenant The Criminal Verdict
Full Vote Ahead Egg Chasing the Chicken Interest v. Instrument
Electronic Agent r0ss - Compilation Systemic Financial Failure Gods Anger
Idiom How it Really Appears   (3) Idiom's Riddle
Speculative God Satans Note Real Personal
Corridor of Hell How it appears              (2) The Missing Chart
Who is on the ballot Electronic Agent            (1) What if?
362 G War Non Tangible Chart
(The Balancing act?) H or H Bucket Borrower - Lender
MERS ASSIGNOR - Pt. 1 Never Mind the Mule, just load the Wagon MERS Payee
PEB Comments The Mortgage follows the Secured Party Elevator Ghosts
IAEWTT How to Prove a Note Negotiation Abnegation

MERS and Lien Theory (REMICS: We have a problem)
Actual Notice v. Constructive Notice
Chain of Title = Chain of Secured Creditor's
Presentation:  Video: Perfection Lost
Listen to Joe Esquivel -03-21-2013
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Listen to Joe Esquivel-on-Livestream-04-02-2013
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Listen to Joe Esquivel -04-05-2013
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Joe Esquivel - The little black box known as MERS
$5 minimum deposit online casino
Two Faces: Demystifying the Mortgage Electronic Registration System's Land Title Theory Christopher L. Peterson

Explaining the Housing Bubble (2012)


Letter to Permanent Editorial Board (2011) Essas plataformas de apostas online são consideradas, dentro do mercado, as melhores, mais adequadas, e que oferecem o maior conforto para seus clientes e jogadores durante toda$5 minimum deposit online casinojogatina. Além disso, você também tem a$5 minimum deposit online casinodisposição uma grande variedade de recursos e funcionalidades, boas odds disponível, e um código promocional Betano para aproveitar ainda mais tudo isso.
Letter to Permanent Editorial Board (2010) ←←← Adam J. Levitin

All In One Basket: The Bankruptcy Risk Of A National Agent-Based Mortgage Recording System

Esta última parte da região, conhecida como Serra de São Bento, tem uma altitude de 129 metros. autoria de Maria de Fátima Freire, gravado no ano de 2002 no estúdios de João Caetano do Nascimento.
Mortgage Foreclosures, Missing Promissory Notes, and the Uniform Commercial Code: A New Article
Nos últimos anos, Mauro Galvão desenvolveu um modelo de gestão voltado à sociedade e à$5 minimum deposit online casinofamília, que foi inspirado pelo programa de assistência social na TV, na TV Cultura e no rádio,$5 minimum deposit online casinoque ele trabalhou desde 2000. "Nonoblog" foi o primeiro recurso de rede para o grupo, que lançou seu primeiro cliente, e o terceiro$5 minimum deposit online casinooutubro de 2014.

Once a Failed Remic, Never a Remic

Bradley T. Borden, David J. Reiss
Dirt Lawyers, Dirty REMICs Bradley T. Borden, David J. Reiss
Foreclosure, Subprime Mortgage Lending, and the Mortgage Electronic Registration System Christopher Peterson, University of Utah - S.J. Quinney College of Law
Subprime Lending, Foreclosure and Race
An Introduction to the Role of Securitization in Residential Mortgage Finance
Christopher Peterson, University of Utah - S.J. Quinney College of Law
The Law of Negotiable Paper Alfred W. Bays
America Commercial Laws Series Alfred w. Bays
More Articles or papers from Professors of law
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 Trillion Dollar FUBAR