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Do you fear the Lord?

If anyone sins because they do not speak up when they hear a public charge to testify regarding something they have seen or learned about, they will be held responsible.

I speak to you. Why did you violate the U.S. Constitution?

“The controlling document that we live under in this country is not some city code. It’s not county rules and regulations. It’s not even state law. The predominant doctrine that creates the architecture that we are governed by and live under is the United States Constitution,” - Gregg Abbott, Governor, Texas


You pious men! Shame on you. You live in luxury while the citizens of Texas suffer. You are guilty of treason! Your Governor, the principal, is guilty of treason.  You enacted a law you call UETA that violates both the Constitution of the State of Texas, and the federal Constitution. Your agents, judges who interpret what you ignorant bastards enacted, only to commit treason themselves. God help you. Do you not realize what you have done to this state? Does any other state government realize what they've done to their citizens? You have made the world hate the American people. Who is going to protect you? What country in the world is going to like you? Your time has come. You have a chance to correct the problem. If not, when the shit hits the fan, your party, luxury days, are over. You will be last, if you live. Do you not realize your 401k, or pension plan is tied up in this? Where do you think it will be when that overinflated, unsustainable secandary intangible market explodes? Did you think you would be ok? You will be last, the poor will be first. You are too ignorant to survive, the poor people will because you put them in that category,. They will survive, you will not, you bunch of dumbasses.


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"Every person who, under color of any statute, ordinance, regulation, custom, or usage of any State or Territory, subjects, or causes to be subjected, any citizen of the United States or other person within the jurisdiction thereof to the deprivation of any rights, privileges, or immunities secured by the Constitution and laws, shall be liable to the party injured in an action at law, suit in equity, or other proper proceeding for redress."

 "Honor the Texas flag; I pledge allegiance to thee, Texas, one state under God, one and indivisible."

"The legislation is to be tested not by whether its effect upon contracts is direct or is merely incidental, but upon whether the end is legitimate, and the means reasonable and appropriate to the end." P. 438.- Home Building & Loan Assn. v. Blaisdell, 290 U.S. 398 (1934)

In Texas, Public interest became overshadowed by private interest. Private inerest is not a benefit for public interest. Private interest is not in the best interest of public interest.

Do you know what the first words of the Texas Constitution report?

"Humbly invoking the blessings of Almighty God,"

Are you in agreement that these are the first of three sets of words in the preamble? If you agree, then you and I believe their is an Almighty God. As such, when two or more are in agreement, God is present, correct? "For where two or three are gathered together unto My name, there am I in their midst".

I ask you this? Do you believe that the Almighty God has placed you in your position of authority? Or, do you believe you are the man who worked his way to the top?  Do you believe your authority is in alignment with the Almighty God's statutes? Where does your authority come from? Written law? Have you taken this written law and expounded on it? Or did you disregard the written law? Though you may believe your thoughts are your own, the Almighty God knows what you do in secret. This is your ignorance, your sin. "Ignorance is no excuse for the law". Is this not what a man of authority says to the poor? Is this your law? You men of authority believe you are wise in your favored descisions among your peers, and hypocrites. For it is written "I shall destroy the wisdom of the wise, and I shall take away the opinions of the intelligent.". You honor yourselves among the men of iniquity. You are hypocrites! You are an abomination to the living God. You are an abomination to the law which provides your authority, the Constitution. You are an abomination to the LORD God whom you know not. The God who formed you in your mother's womb. Your deeds will not go unpunished. The wicked do not escape the wrath which they incur. Turn from your wicked ways while you still have the opportunity, for the LORD God knows you are warned. You know who you are. The LORD God knows the innocent, He knows the guilty. The LORD God is present.

All of this can be changed before the ignorant awaken from their slumber of being intoxicated by your lies and deception. You are moocher's of the people's money. You live in secret. It is up to you to save yourself from your destruction you've created for yourself. It is up to you to change your ways. Hear me you thieves, you wolves who oppress the people, the LORD God knows your ways. You will not escape his wrath. 


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You own a small enterprise the state calls business. It is your business, and you business alone. And unless you've been deceived, you would understand your Constitutional rights to conduct your business in private, and without the government butting into your business. That is, unless you are doing something in violation of common law. Then there is a common law crime of harm to one man, from another. But, because of deception, you are coerced into fearing statutes that have no effect unless you consent to them. Did you know that? Will the agents of the STATE OF TEXAS, a municipal, and private, corporations admit to you that you are not obligated to follow those statutes, rules, or policies unless you consent to them, or that they violate the Texas Constitution, Texas Bill of Rights? Your only protection from these thieves? Corporation adhere to corporate law. The living soul is not a corporation, unless the living soul consents to being a corporation. If you believe that only corporations are formed by businesses, you may want to rethink your position, because this is why you are poor, distressed, divided. It is by design. This STATE of TEXAS is not the state of texas, a land, that you may have been born in. Nonetheless, you are the government given to you by the Texas Constitution. You were deceived into a thing of fiction and this is the world you live in. Let me ask you this? does a driver's liscense prove a man or woman can drive? If so, why are there so many accidents? Why is there insurance when only reckless people drive with driver's license? There are probably more careful driver's driving without a license than thre are those with one. But this is about Mom & Pop, so let me ask this question?

You own a business and you are responsible for your income to live and to continue your business. But, according to how you were taught, you must collect taxes and pay the tax man. Or if you don't, the tax man will hold you liable for the taxes you collected for him. So, let me ask you this? Who did you, a Mom & Pop business, become an agent for the state? Were you told you would be an agent for the STATE OF TEXAS? If you were, where would the benefit of the bargain be? With the STATE OF TEXAS? Yes, why? The Mom & Pop business are doing free bookeeing for the STATE OF TEXAS that only CORPORATION are required to do by CORPORATE LAW. So, how is it that the Texas Constitution says your liberty cannot be deprived by threats or other divises and yet the STATE OF TEXAS acts this way? It truly is time for the people of Texas to come together for the common purpose of bringing this great state back to its Constitutioinal purpose, and stop the oppression of the corporate STATE. Do you reallzy enjoy seeing these men of iniquity living the life, while you pay for it? Do you not comprehend you've sold your souls to a corporate fiction? There is a remedy so do not think it is the end, it is only the beginning of a new world promised.

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Been to jail? Prison? Traffic court? Before the Judge? Know anything about consent? Know anything about Commerce? you should, then you could know that you only consent if you believe that carnival court you go to is legal, or legitimate. It is a court of equity, and somebody has to pay. A "court of record" is unbeknowngst to many, a common law court. They think it is a court where there is a "court reporter"? My friend that is a note taker for the system you paid a lot of money for, and it is not a true "court of record", that's common law. The only reason there are hybrib civil and criminal courts evidence the corporation needs money to run on, and even though it is a fictionial equity court, there are real men standing or sitting before you. That is the illusion. It is a mystery when you walk into it. These judges are under the color of law they, and you believe is law, yet it is not. It is law other than common law. This is how, and why there men in robes who believe they can threaten you with what ever they believe they can do, yet these very acts are comitted before God Almighty, the God they pledged an oath to, yet they are adverse to common law, and man's God given right to be unlienable. The liberty to pursue happines, and live freely under common law of the land where man does no harm, nor decption to another. Learn how to defend yourself. There is no jurisdiction to these courts unless you consent to them. You cannot be legally held in contemp without knowing whether it is civil, or criminal, and if either are chosen by the fictional judge, he would need to either produce the contract reflecting the terms and conditions between the accused and the judge if it is civil contempt, or the victim, if criminal, neither of which the judge can do constitutionally. Only humans can contract, not corporations. This is the missing link many get caught in. You are contracting when you deal with the "STATE OF", "CITY OF", blah, blah. There is no law in the land that says you MUST contract with this CORPORATION OF TEXAS, and you cannot be threatened to be a part of it unless you like being scared by ghosts, but there also is law that supports your right to contract if you choose to. And you have the right to counter-offer what the STATE offers. If their contract, or agreement, is an unconsiousnable, or questionable contract, it is either one-side, or void. You cannot have a one-sided contract that only protects one party.  

Surely those who've had a lawyer to represent them know this? Why would he want to you to "settle" unless there was enough in it for him too? And since

And one more thing for you to ponder because if you were like me, you've made assumptions about this COURT SYSTEM, and i've not heard or read about this much, but when you go into "traffic court", what kind of court are you going in to? Is it a civil court? Is it a criminal court? What does it matter? Well, it's their system and they've got rules, and procedures for those who consent to it, and you may know them as "civil", or "criminal" rules of procedure, though there are a few more things involved like the "local" rules. But honestly, how can one proceed in court, if he does not know which rules are being played by. Don't you think it would be kinda silly to go into a baseball (rules of the sport) arena to bowl (rules of the sport)? So, when you get a ticket, is it a ticket, or is it an offer to commit an offense? You have comitted no harm to a human, yet a corporation is claiming you violated its law. How can the dead file a complaint anyway? Is it fraud against the living soul? just things to ponder. There is so much.

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These pitiful people who have worked in this unconstitutional system are some pretty bold people, yet there are a few who have sympathy. How it is that these pitiful people cannot see how ungodly they've became? These pitiful people were led to believe in a vile system which profits only the rich, the powerful. They are led like mules with a carrot before them into some mindful illusion of goodness which was only goodness for the system, it was not about the living soul they confronted. The living God witnessed all they do. Nothing was hidden. Man's greed to be important is overwhelming. Once you are in the system, that is all you believe in, it is your future, it is your retirement. But, who is to say you have any of that to begin with if it is all fiction?

Show me a law that says you must abide by unconstitutional laws or you will face punishment? The whole STATE OF TEXAS is built on them. But TEXAS is not the only one. There are several.

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Resurrecting the Dead

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"First off, enforcing an illegal statute under “color of law” is a $10,000 fine *per officer present* according to U.S.C. Deprivation of Rights Under Color of Law; because officers don’t make the laws (usually its congress, city councils, or county board of directors), each officer pays into something called a “bond” *just in case* they accidentally trample over someone’s rights by enforcing an illegal statute.  Officers pay into their bonds just like people pay into insurance- they pay a fixed price- & then if it gets “dinged” (they violate someone’s rights & that person goes after the officer’s bond), their bond (insurance) goes up.  This helps put officers in check because they don’t want to be “high liability officers”, & this helps provide damaged parties with a sizable chunk that the city, county, etc. has to pay out because they were *supposed* to not pass unconstitutional ordinances in the first place according to the 14th Amendment."

The previous statement made by someone else should be an eye opener? According to the 14th Amendment U.S. public officials are not legally able to violate any citizens rights. Most do realize that does include state public officials also. And they post bonds in case of an accident. Just like accidents happen and people pay insurance, so do public officials pay for insurance if they have an accident. If accidents are claimed, the insurance goes up, right? Is it not wiser to prevent the accident from happening instead of causing a non necessary insurance claim to take place? Isn't it good to know that some things are controllable when other things become uncontrollable?

Do you know what a Tort claim is? It is referenced in the Texas civil practices and remedies code in section §101.021.

Ponder this; Lozano v. Montoya Alvarez, 134 S. Ct. 1224 - Supreme Court 2014

As a general matter, equitable tolling pauses the running of, or "tolls," a statute of limitations when a litigant has pursued 1232*1232 his rights diligently but some extraordinary circumstance prevents him from bringing a timely action. See, e.g., Pace v. DiGuglielmo, 544 U.S. 408, 418, 125 S.Ct. 1807, 161 L.Ed.2d 669 (2005). Because the doctrine effectively extends an otherwise discrete limitations period set by Congress, whether equitable tolling is available is fundamentally a question of statutory intent. See, e.g., Irwin v. Department of Veterans Affairs, 498 U.S. 89, 95, 111 S.Ct. 453, 112 L.Ed.2d 435 (1990); Bowen v. City of New York, 476 U.S. 467, 479-480, 106 S.Ct. 2022, 90 L.Ed.2d 462 (1986); Honda v. Clark, 386 U.S. 484, 501, 87 S.Ct. 1188, 18 L.Ed.2d 244 (1967).

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Generally, the PSA is the written agreement between the servicer and mortgagee referred to in Tex. Prop. Code § 51.0025, that allows a mortgage servicer to administer the foreclosure process so long as the name of the mortgagee is disclosed in the notice of foreclosure sale. Tex. Prop. Code § 51.002(b)....

..A party has capacity when it has the legal right to act, regardless of whether it has a justiciable interest in the controversy and should not be confused with the question of whether a party has an enforceable right or interest....

..So in the final analysis, a borrower’s delaying tactic founded on a PSA violation causing a standing issue is in reality a capacity issue because the borrower is not a party or privity to the PSA contract....

..A review of the PSA is important because when a loan is securitized - which is the case for almost all residential loans – to eliminate needless hassle and the risk of litigation, the foreclosure professional should make every attempt to ensure the mortgagee initiating foreclosure is properly named or identified. In a typical private label securitization, this entity is a “special person entity” [a word of art in securitization lingo] that is a bankruptcy remote trust and can be usually recognized with a name like Bank of New York Mellon fka Bank of New York as Trustee for HEL Series 2005....

.. In 2004, the Texas legislature changed the foreclosure statutes to allow the mortgage servicer – which was the only entity that had any contact or loan levelinformation related to the borrower’s loan - to administer the foreclosure process instead of the traditional “owner of the note”.

.. A servicer can administer a Texas foreclosure if: (a) there is a written agreement - generally the PSA - between the servicer and the “mortgagee” and (b) the name and address of the mortgagee is disclosed in the Tex. Prop. Code §51.00(2) notice of foreclosure sale sent to the borrower. By definition, interestingly enough, a “mortgagee” can be six different entities at the same time, i.e. the grantee, beneficiary of the deed of trust, owner or holder of the note, a book entry system [MERS], or even the mortgage servicer.
The legislature probably intended the term “mortgagee” to mean the person who ultimate receives the money from a borrower’s mortgage payment (“the investor”) or the holder of the note as defined in Tex. Bus. & Com. Code §3.301, but the ambiguity has allowed a certain amount of flexibility in foreclosure documentation.

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According to "Who Represents Me"* bet comusing the following zip code [78615] , notice was provided to the following Texas representatives the week of 12/05/2016;

Senator Charles Schwertner ; Senator Kirk Watson; Representative Marsha Farney, now Terry Wilson; Representative Celia Israel; and Representative Larry Gonzales with the following message;

Greetings. I am attempting to contact my representatives to voice my concern about a Texas Statute I believe to be unconstitutional. I have attempted to contact Larry Gonzales but no response. So, each of you are next on my list.
The statute on its face, or as applied is unconstitutional because it deprives not only human person of rights, but also politic persons, such a local government law. I honestly do not believe the Texas Legislature intended to create a private person and give such private person rights greater than the states own subdivisions. In essence, the certain section allows for violations of Texas and U.S. law to be protected by that certain section. Nonetheless, this constitutional violation has continued to run from 2004, to the present. I ask for your assistance in resolving this violation of rights guaranteed by both Constitutions. Thank you


Today is 12/12/2016 and no response from any of my state representatives yet.

Update: 12/12/2016, received email from Senator Schwertner, sent response

12/13/2016, received phone message from person asserting to be from Senator Schwertner office. Returned call and provided phone number.

12/16/2016, no contact from any of my representatives in Texas.

12/18/2016, email pdf's of Legal Duty and Legal Duty Statutes to Senator Schwertner's office email contact to show various laws being affected by this Constitutional violation. Those two are serious reads to disregard?

12/27/2016, no response from my represntatives via phone, mail, or email.

01/30/2017, Yawn, no sincere response from Texas Legislature. It appears they either do not know because of the pion I communicate with, or they just don't get it. Would it surprise you?

I'm sure they are busy people, but if "legal" criminal acts are continuing to be allowed, why are so many other class of "criminals" locked up in jails, or prisons? Why are these representatives still in office? If there is no constitution, there is no office for them? It is a serious matter, yet many have not recognized it?



Sec. 311.011. COMMON AND TECHNICAL USAGE OF WORDS. (a) Words and phrases shall be read in context and construed according to the rules of grammar and common usage.
(b) Words and phrases that have acquired a technical or particular meaning, whether by legislative definition or otherwise, shall be construed accordingly

Sec. 311.016. "MAY," "SHALL," "MUST," ETC. The following constructions apply unless the context in which the word or phrase appears necessarily requires a different construction or unless a different construction is expressly provided by statute:
    (1) "May" creates discretionary authority or grants permission or a power.
    (2) "Shall" imposes a duty.
    (3) "Must" creates or recognizes a condition precedent.
    (4) "Is entitled to" creates or recognizes a right.
    (5) "May not" imposes a prohibition and is synonymous with "shall not."
    (6) "Is not entitled to" negates a right.
    (7) "Is not required to" negates a duty or condition precedent.


Sec. 311.021. INTENTION IN ENACTMENT OF STATUTES. In enacting a statute, it is presumed that:

(1) compliance with the constitutions of this state and the United States is intended;
(2) the entire statute is intended to be effective;
(3) a just and reasonable result is intended;
(4) a result feasible of execution is intended; and
(5) public interest is favored over any private interest.

Sec. 311.023. STATUTE CONSTRUCTION AIDS. In construing a statute, whether or not the statute is considered ambiguous on its face, a court may consider among other matters the:

(1) object sought to be attained;
(2) circumstances under which the statute was enacted;
(3) legislative history;
(4) common law or former statutory provisions, including laws on the same or similar subjects;
(5) consequences of a particular construction;
(6) administrative construction of the statute; and
(7) title (caption), preamble, and emergency provision.

Sec. 311.024. HEADINGS. The heading of a title, subtitle, chapter, subchapter, or section does not limit or expand the meaning of a statute

* bet com

It may be a good idea for the Texas Legislature to let the local government court system know that section § 51.0001(4)(C)  does not trump § 192.007, and maybe the courts should stop overlooking the fact?

Sec. 311.026. SPECIAL OR LOCAL PROVISION PREVAILS OVER GENERAL. (a) If a general provision conflicts with a special or local provision, the provisions shall be construed, if possible, so that effect is given to both.

(b) If the conflict between the general provision and the special or local provision is irreconcilable, the special or local provision prevails as an exception to the general provision, unless the general provision is the later enactment and the manifest intent is that the general provision prevail.

BAM! Property code v. Local government code

According to Texas Government code, section 311, demonstrates that § 192.007 does not conflict with § 51.0001(4)(C), but § 51.0001(4)(C) conflicts with § 192.007. § 51.0001(4)(C) allows for secret transactions, while § 192.007 allows for public transactions. Hence secret v public.

* bet com

A question to ponder; Was the "Note" even "negotiable "Did the Texas Legislature take the note into account before they violated the Constitutions?

Sign the petition. Signed the petition "Texas Legislature: Remove "51.0001(1) "book entry system" in Texas Property code" and wanted to see if you could help by adding your name. This is very important to the citizens of Texas to notify our elected officials of the State of Texas, to what is wrong with the current real estate mortgage problem in Texas.  There is strength in numbers.

Where, or whom came up with "book entry system means national book entry system"? What is a national book entry system? Where is the definition of "national book entry system"?

In a certain publication, "Dodd-Frank Act, Title VIII: Supervision of Payment, Clearing, and Settlement Activities ", and on page 6, you will find this statement; "The Federal Reserve operates a book-entry system known as the National Book-Entry System,"

As noticed, the illusion called MERS is not a "national book entry system". The "national book entry system" name belongs to the Federal Reserve. Texas did not define the thing called MERS because it is a private electronic registry for tracking transferable records, not a "national book entry system". So, why is MERS allowed to conduct business under chapter 51 when Texas laws states otherwise? MERS does not meet the definition of "national book entry system" to be a "book entry system" in Texas.


* bet com

You legislative people make me want to puke. Do you not realize how you have butchered existing case law to allow a "private registry system"  or its alleged members, to only hold a copy of a deed of trust without the debt? And without their name on it? You've actually let criminals run amuck.  You created law to allow private registry parties violate the law, and use Texas law to support the crime?

Let me provide you with a sample of the debacle you have created. All you did was allow criminals to withhold evidence to prevent a homeowner from defending themselves, and their real property. Today, September 14, 2016 I located in Williamson County public records an instrument that was recorded on March 3, 2015 that reflects a General Warranty Deed from Wells Fargo Bank, to HUD, the Department of Housing and Urban affairs. It was allegedly signed by a Stephen C. Porter. In 2015, Mr. Porter was not an attorney at Barrett Daffin Frappier Turner & Engel, he was employed as general council at Mortgage Contracting Services, inc. How could he lawfully record that? The General Warranty Deed reflected that the instrument was created on September 10, 2010. Then our real property was sold with this bogus General Warranty Deed for HUD to another unsuspecting homeowner. This time without MERS. Somebody is covering something up. According to that General Warranty Deed, Wells Fargo bank, MERS, nor the individuals from Barrett Daffin Frappier Turner & Engel had, or has standing to invoke the jurisdiction of the courts. The Campbell's lost their real property to Wells Fargo, MERS and defendants through fraud upon the court, when HUD was allegedly the owner of the real property according to what is recorded now in Williamson County public records.  Wells Fargo Bank placed a tremendous  burden on the Campbell's, including a lot of money they did not have to begin with.  And if you look there has been a Lis Penden recorded since 2010. alk about clouded title? You people make me sick. My family has suffered greatly because of your ill-gotten changes to the Texas Property Code, and other statutes related to real property for MERS members benefit. Many other families have lost their homes to criminals simply because you made it legal for MERS members to conduct criminal business legally in Texas. What is your excuse for causing all the pain and suffering to citizens of Texas that was not necessary? Check out the page called Fraud Upon the Court to see the instrument that was withheld from the courts, and recorded 5 years after the alleged transaction took place. By the same actors, no less. Stephen C. Porter, of Barrett Daffin Frappier Turner & Engel, Addison, Texas. Where the hell is law enforcement?

You even gave the most infamous foreclosure mill in Texas the authority to cause this debacle? WITH [acronym, figure it out] is wrong with you?

Unconstiutional Summary judgment

And maybe the world will come to see just how unconstitutional a motion for summary judgment is when used by alleged MERS members. Yet, even if time for discovery was available, concealment of evidence,  an intervening "assignment", would not be known but to the ones concealing the evidence. In other words, silence by estoppel. The document number #2015023447 was not constructive notice until March 27, 2015, almost 5 years later, reflecting an alleged conveyance of a deed type to HUD, in September 13, 2010. Before the recordation of that certain document, a document which was considered actual notice, and not recorded as a constructive notice in public records. So, in essence, the the instrument was concealed to gain victory in a fraudulent presentation to the court system. Isn't that called obstruction of justice, if nothing else? Read more on it here -> Fraud Upon The Court.

On a different Note....

Here is an excerpt used for educational purposes.

In the practice known at Wells Fargo as "pinning," a Wells Fargo banker obtains a debit card number, and personally sets the PIN, often to 0000, without customer authorization. "Pinning" permits a banker to enroll a customer in online banking, for which the banker would receive a solution (sales credit). To bypass computer prompts requiring customer contact information, bankers impersonate the customer online, and input false generic email addresses such as 1234@wellsfargo.com, noname@wellsfargo.com, or none@wellsfargo.com to ensure that the transaction is completed, and that the customer remains unaware of the unauthorized activity....

...Respondent’s analysis concluded that its employees submitted applications for 565,443 credit-card accounts that may not have been authorized by using consumers’ information without their knowledge or consent.

Since the Texas Legislature created law for an "online" ATM called MERS, and Michael Barrett said in the November 7, 2007 Task force meeting that documents are made up, I would imagine that statement would fit the scenario of MERS assignments in public records, like the credit card thing above.  And like the scenario above, MERS already contains the homeowners information. Nobody was paying attention?

So the Texas Legislature wrote laws that allow for legal criminal activity? Avoid the Texas Constitution? Or was it "amended" to accommodate? It shall be revealed.

Texas Constitution, Article 1, Section 19

Sec. 19. DEPRIVATION OF LIFE, LIBERTY, ETC.; DUE COURSE OF LAW. No citizen of this State shall be deprived of life, liberty, property, privileges or immunities, or in any manner disfranchised, except by the due course of the law of the land.

Texas Constitution, Article 1, Section 16

Sec. 16. BILLS OF ATTAINDER; EX POST FACTO OR RETROACTIVE LAWS; IMPAIRING OBLIGATION OF CONTRACTS. No bill of attainder, ex post facto law, retroactive law, or any law impairing the obligation of contracts, shall be made.

Chapter 51 of the Texas Property code seems to contradict the Texas Constitution? And according to court opinion in Home Building & Loan Assn. v. Blaisdell, certain portions of Chapter 51, Texas Property code are not as legitimate as thought to be. MERS members impaired many homeowners in Texas, and the Texas Legislature helped them accomplish this feat. Traitors among us. Corporate trash in the world of the living.

Isn't perjury defined by Blackstone as “a crime committed when a lawful oath is administered?

Do you realize every one of you need to be replaced? You are guilty by association. You do not deserve to be elected! You do not deserve to be re-elected. You do not deserve to be in any office. You who are in office, you do not deserve to be elected into any position of leadership, more especially, Governor, or President of the United States! You are Hypocrites! You are self centered! You are a disgrace! You have only created more hardship upon the American people, and the world. Your time has come. You did it to yourself. The people will know. You have placed the peoples in harms way.

Whom gave you authority to cause scandals? Whom gave you authority to fight amongst yourselves? Whom blinded your eyes? Who gave you authority to be corrupt? Who gave you authority to lie? Where did you receive your authority? Where in that authority does it allow you to act outside that authority? Where are you from? Who gave you authority to act outside the ultimate Authority? You?

You know the truth. You know that most citizens in this state are lazy and don't care who they vote for. They vote for you because you have good looks, or, a good advertising agency equipped with a latest word crafting. You are only clean looking on the outside, but how clean is your inside? It is not the outer appearance of the man that makes him good; it is the inside which qualifies him to be the good man. Are you the inner or the outer? Whether you believe these word are beneath you, it is not a matter of it being meant for you, it is in hope that this gospel is understood by the people you believe are beneath you, me and every other citizen in Texas, and the several states. Your constituents, the ones whom ignorantly voted you in office. You have proven your value as a "trusted" official.  None of you deserve being re-elected, or re-appointed into office. Not even Justices. And if the Governor is associated with such traitors, he too would be guilty by association. Understand what you have "unknowingly" done. You were deceived.

* bet com

Prior to 2003. a mortgage servicer was the Lender whom loaned its earnest money to a potential homeowner for the purchase of real property. Why was "mortgage servicer" suddenly added into Texas law in 2003? Did you ever read the transcript from the MEETING OF THE TASK FORCE ON JUDICIAL FORECLOSURE RULES, November 7, 2007? Did you not know that Tommy Bastian, Stephen C. Porter, were "helpers" in encouraging H.B. 1493, who were a part of Michael Barrett's law firm; Barrett Daffin Frappier Turner & Engel, in Addison, Texas? A judge in the Dallas area, Bruce Priddy, stated in that transcript that Mr. Barrett  admitted his firm just makes documents up, because 90% of what they need does not exist? Woe to you! But I suppose you know the history of judge Priddy, right?

Prior to 2003, or at the passage of  H.B. 1493; were each individuals within the Legislature knowledgeable of the Texas Uniform Electronic Transactions Act; and have an understanding that Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. was an electronic registration system for "electronic" promissory Notes [a.k.a. eNotes] which are not the homeowners promissory note, but an intangible debt incurred by the account debtor, not the homeowner? I'm sure the audio tapes of Stephen C. Porter testimony in H.B. 1493 are located somewhere on the Texas Legislature's website, right? It would be interesting to hear what the deceiver confessed to get the bill passed?

Did you understand a homeowner was required to electronically sign if they were agreeing to use MERS as a "beneficiary"?

Did you understand that the MERS registration system was for account debtors, and not homeowners?

Did you understand that MERS registration systems was a "beneficiary" of the personal property mortgage; and not a "beneficiary" of a real property mortgage before you modified the Texas Property Code chapter 51? Did you understand MERS was an "electronic agent" according to UETA?

Did you understand that the potential homeowner would be required by law to sign an electronic agreement with MERS; and a paper deed of trust for MERS to be a legal "beneficiary"?

Did you have knowledge of Texas Uniform Electronic Transactions Act [UETA] to logically base your "understanding" to modify chapter 51 of Texas Property Code?

By Law, you have shown the world how you allowed an "electronic agent" to deprive the people and the agencies of the state of its rights guaranteed by the Texas Constitution.

Do you not know that the state of Texas is being utilized in a crime? Do you not realize Texas has lost an enormous amount of fees owed to counties and the Secretary of State, to mention a few? Did you realize this would be a cause for an increase in taxes to the citizens of Texas, because of your ignorance? What were you thinking? We trusted you?

Are you that compartmentalized within your corporation?

Are you lovers of yourselves?

Whence did you receive such Authority to oppress the people? Whence did you decide to "act" outside your authority? Your secrets will be revealed.

Do you realize what you have done? Your ignorance; stupidity; or arrogance is being revealed.

The Texas Constitution, Bill of Rights, art 15, provides for the power of impeachment.

 The Texas Constitution, Bill of Rights provides; "That the general, great and essential principles of liberty and free government may be recognized and established" in this great state.

The Texas Constitution, Bill of Rights, art 15, provides a term for those who aid the enemies to deprive Texas citizens; "No citizen of this State shall be deprived of life, liberty, property, privileges or immunities, or in any manner disfranchised, except by the due course of the law of the land."

Black's law defines the word "traitor" [traitor] as "one who, being trusted, betrays; one guilty of  treason".[treason] Do you realize your iniquities?

You have allowed Texas citizens to be deprived of "due course of law". The courts of Texas allow MERS members to deprive Texas citizens of "due course of law".  Summary judgments in favor of MERS members violate Texas citizens rights to "due course of law". Woe to you lawyers, you have dealt yourself and this great state; a serious disaster.

Do you understand the MERS majick trik? Surely you've seen that, a Texas County official has used it, or similar for her presentations in various capacities? You are welcome to the power point file. [right click; "Save as"] If you have problems, email me, I will send it to you.

How could you place your own children in jeopardy? Why did you violate the Texas Constitution? Why did you seemingly commit acts considered criminal. My ancestors names are on that wall at the Alamo. Shame on you!

Isn't this sad, that we, your constituents, need to remind you of the law you created? Read this:

How could you allow Texas citizens to be Constitutionally deprived of real property by an electronic agent governed by Texas UETA; and in the name of a "mortgage servicer" of a personal property mortgage registered in an electronic registry governed by Texas UETA; or E-SIGN and nothing else; not even the Business and Commerce Code?

How could you allow that the Note need not be produced? Isn't the claim on a "debt"; not real property?

You have allowed for the note to be separated from the deed of trust and then attached to an electronic promissory note registered in the "mortgage servicer's" electronic database, called MERS. Shame on you! This violates the law of negotiation. That is worldwide, not just in your neck of the woods, my friend.

You have the power to stop the inevitable, yet you are avoiding it, why? Surely you realize there is an intangible debt larger than the global debt combined, and Texas is part of it? Why do you turn a blind eye? You know the people are uneasy, yet you create laws to protect yourself, and an electronic beast, rather than protect the citizens of Texas? These people placed trust in you, that you would help bring this state out of oppression. Why have you ignored them? Why do you want war? It is not a battle of the flesh that we fight, it is the battle of the spirits, men murder men, spirits battle good & evil in men. If you are truly righteous men, you should take no offense to what I tell you. I am not an enemy of good acts.

You men, women of this state government hear this; An audit of government agencies such as Ginnie Mae, FHA, VA, for unrecorded "assignments" within the collateral file would reveal how many criminals defrauded the state. An audit of government "mortgage loans" in Texas alone would provide an idea of how many other fraudulent "assignments" are across the United States, simply because of Tex. Prop. Code 51.008. Isn't it called a subpoena? It's probably more diñero than the FED has in gold.

* bet com (a) A lien on real property created under this code or another law of this state in favor of a governmental entity must be recorded as provided by Chapters 11 and 12 in the real property records of the county in which the property or a portion of the property is located unless:

(1) the lien is imposed as a result of failure to pay: (A) ad valorem taxes; or (B) a penalty or interest owed in connection with those taxes; or

(2) the law establishing the lien expressly states that recording the lien is not required. (b) Any notice of the lien required by law must contain a legal description of the property. (c) This section does not apply to: (1) a lien created under Section 89.083, Natural Resources Code; (2) a state tax lien under Chapter 113, Tax Code; or (3) a lien established under Chapter 61 or 213, Labor Code.

Added by Acts 2001, 77th Leg., ch. 827, Sec. 1, eff. Sept. 1, 2001.

According to the federal courts

“[t]he statutory scheme is clear: only the VA may sell property acquired under t he VA Home Loan Guaranty Program.” Yunis v. United States , 118 F.Supp.2d 1024, 1036 (C.D. Cal. 2000).

Do you realize how many county recording fees were avoided by MERS members? Why? Do you realize how many fees for the Secretary of State were avoided by MERS members? Why? Why do you allow this great state to be railroaded into poverty? For your gain?

Why do you oppress the people? Is it for your gain?

You have no more power than what the Father gives you. You have no more power than what is provided to you by that certain Texas Constitution. Though your acts of iniquity shall reward you, you shall reap from your iniquity. I came to warn you. You have lost your way. Change your path. You've taken from the widow, the poor, you have downtrodden the people.

Are you that stupid to work all your life for your career, to throw it away in the latter days because you became a criminal, a man of iniquity?

Texas Constitution, Article 1, Section 26

Sec. 26. PERPETUITIES AND MONOPOLIES; PRIMOGENITURE OR ENTAILMENTS. Perpetuities and monopolies are contrary to the genius of a free government, and shall never be allowed, nor shall the law of primogeniture or entailments ever be in force in this State.

Whether you men of iniquity have knowledge of it or not, MERS is a monopoly, run by MERS members.

DEFINITION of 'Monopoly' A situation in which a single company or group owns all or nearly all of the market for a given type of product or service. By definition, monopoly is characterized by an absence of competition, which often results in high prices and inferior products.

Restricting the Freedom of Contract: A Fundamental Prohibition [ A Yale article]

Woe to those who enact evil statutes And to those who constantly record unjust decisions

"Accordingly, whatever you have said in the dark will be heard in the light, and what you have whispered in the inner rooms will be proclaimed upon the housetops."

It is not me whom you should fear, but the One coming, He, you shall fear.

Those with ears, hear, with eyes, see.