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this is provided in "pdf format. it is something to ponder. when the world begins to understand, my next question will be how many treaties or other international agreements were violated? and you may come to realize that if they do not correct the constitutional violations in section § 51.0001(4)(c) they are going to be required to open the prison system doors, and move out of the government postiions simply because the constitutions gave them thier position. without a constitution, where is the law of the land? sectioin  § 51.0001(4)(c) allows for crimes to be committed without penalty of punishment. so, why are criminals in prison? it is important to resolve this matter in an expedited fashion because the crime bell has rang. none are immune.

ward v. stanford, 443 sw 3d 334 - tex: court of appeals, 5th dist. 2014

a promissory note is a negotiable instrument if it is a written unconditional promise to pay a sum certain in money, upon demand or at a definite time, and is payable to order or to bearer. id. at 407 (citing tex. bus. & com.code ann. ⧠3.104(a)). a note is non-negotiable, however, if another instrument must be examined to determine the rights and obligations under the note. see tex. bus. & com.code ann. ⧠3.106(a) (west supp. 2013); ffp mktg. co., 169 s.w.3d at 408-09.

jones v. kelley, 614 sw 2d 95 - tex: supreme court 1981 (cited as recently as 2015)

the general rule is that separate instruments or contracts executed at the same time, for the same purpose, and in the course of the same transaction are to be considered as one instrument, and are to be read and construed together. miles v. martin, 159 tex. 336, 321 s.w.2d 62, 65 (1959); veal v. thomason, 138 tex. 341, 159 s.w.2d 472, 475 (1942); braniff inc. co. v. robertson, 124 tex. 524, 81 s.w.2d 45, 50 (1935); libby v. noel, 581 s.w.2d 761, 764 (tex.civ. app.—el paso 1976, writ ref'd n. r. e.).

so, how is it that the alleged deed of trust is utilized by itself as a separate obligation when the purpose of the deed of trust was the in course of the same transaction, executed at the same time the note was executed? don't both instruments reflect the rights and obligations under the note? by failure to construe the separate contracts together, would that violate what the texas supreme court opined, or even what the court of appeals opined? "if another instrument must be examined to determine the rights and obligations under the note."

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