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How to Become an Amazon Reviewer and Make Money

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have you ever read, or at least tried to read an electronic book called "have a note"? it is an 84 page electronic document providing a wealth of information. a man named james mcguire, committed himself to quite a bit of research, a determination to de-engineer the securitization process to determine whether u.s. laws were actually being abided by. guess what? have a note is compiled information, explanations, diagrams, charts placed together in one document to let the world see how the crime is being committed. read it.

have a note

after you have read "have a note", you should read "had a note", a 37 page compilation of understanding how the united states government; and the people, are footing the bill for crimes unseen. investors became tax-evaders.

had a note

have you ever look taken a look at an age old chart james created years ago? maybe you should?

my test pdf file

there more charts available; even james cake recipie's

the articles and charts pages will be provided directly from this website as soon as time permits. in the meantime, have patience, and use the alternate locations for the time being.

gse charts by joe esquivel, mortgage compliance investigators
How to Become an Amazon Reviewer and Make Money How to Become an Amazon Reviewer and Make Money
fannie mae requirements with mers -john doe fannie mae requirements without mers -john doe
freddie mac requirements with mers -john doe freddie mac requirements without mers -john doe
ginnie mae requirements with mers -john doe ginnie mae requirements without mers -john doe

articles by james mcguire    ——→ de-engineering the debacle
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corporate and government bonds standing jurisdiction tenant
interest v. instrument creation of fraud
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missing chart do did - fannie mae
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chains of identity forall r1 (for all)
secured unsecured lost candy bar the model
holder owner holder in due course underlying collateral (the easy to read and understand version)
joslin trap underlying collateral
obligor obligee grantor grantee tangible intangible
in blank real personal property
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pt v ept mers  
foreclosure v tax evasion step “x“
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who owns the federal reserve who what
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